Privacy policy

The web-site of the community school movement is very concerned about protecting your online privacy. This is our policy about the privacy of information submitted by the site users.

We understand information as the users’ personal data, contacts, including e-mail address, that become available to the site administrator while operating at the web-site of the community school movement.

The site administrator will not disclose the information to third parties or publish the information in a open source (Internet, publications, etc.) without a prior consent of the users. Submitting information to the data bases of the web-site, the users thus agree with our policy. Under no circumstances will the site administrator make use of the information in commercial purposes.

The privacy policy with regards to certain sections of the web-site of the community school movement:

  • The information provided at the registration can only be used for internal purposes of the site only. The e-mail address can be only used to contact the users on issues related to the work of the web-site. The information provided at the registration cannot be used in open sources or with any purpose other than for the needs of the site administration.
  • The surveying on the home page of the web-site is anonymous.
  • The information published in sections Organizations and Projects of the site is open for all users. Submitting information to these sections the user agrees to their publishing on the web-site.

Deleting information

The users can read, edit or ask to delete their information submitted at the registration, their organization or project pages that have been included in the web-site data base. To delete your information, please, contact the site administrator filling out the contacts form. If you wish to delete information from the site data bases, we will try to help you at the earliest convenience. We may need to retain certain information for the internal site archives. We reserve our right to contact the former site users once in a while.


On any other issues connected to the privacy policy of the web-site of the community school movement, please, contact the site administrator by filling out the contacts form.

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