School Community Partnerships

Webinar Presentation: Marketing the Community School Strategy

Describing a community school and all its benefits is not always easy. Characterizing community schools as "smart schools" for the 21st Century gives the concept a more tangible description and an opportunity to explain community schools in greater detail.

From outside to inside schools. Logan Square group lobbied for new buildings, now works to improve classrooms

At the Logan Square Neighborhood Association they believe that creating the strong connection between the parents and the teachers helps break down barriers between the community and schools, as well as enabling students to achieve academically.

BAWCC's largest community project: The Tenderloin Community School & Family Center

A model of what a school can be. Tenderloin Community School is an area in which children from the Tenderloin have their own School and families have their own Center. It is a source of pride, stability and inspiration of the families...

DfES: Evaluation of the full service extended schools initiative

A new DfES report shows that full services extended schools in England are having a positive impact for children, their families and communities. The provision of extended services enriches learning, widens access...

Arts Council: Building Creative Partnerships – a handbook for schools

Creative partnerships is a programme in England which enables schools to work in partnership with other professionals to develop an exciting and relevant curriculum, fostering the creativity of all learners and teachers.

Leading Across Boundaries: The Community School Way

Community schools challenge the current predominant theory of education reform, which isolates children’s academic development from their social, emotional, civic, and moral development. Community school leaders...

Community Focused Schools - Making it Happen, A Toolkit

The toolkit provides advice on whole-school planning and the development of Community Focused Schools. It is based on work that is currently taking place in Wales and provides ideas and examples of what Community Focused Schools can achieve.

Community Participation. Who Benefits?

This report explores whether policies to involve people in making decisions about their own communities are effective in building strong social networks.

The role of community philanthropy in building social capital

The different types of community philanthropy organisations are united by several things, in particular their focus on the local community. They are supported by the local community and they support local community initiatives. In this session we will look at the role of CPOs in building social capital.

Community and Family Engagement: Principals Share What Works

The paper explores ways in which principals of community schools work successfully with community partners, families, and other key stakeholders to improve student outcomes.

Growing Community Schools: The Role of Cross-Boundary Leadership

This report explains the work of leaders who are moving across the traditional boundaries that separate schools from communities to expand opportunities for young people, strengthen...

Community-Based Learning: Engaging Students for Success and Citizenship

Discover how community schools are using real-world, hands-on problem solving to ignite the imagination and the intellect of our young people.

Russian NGO leader discusses philanthropy and community schools

Andrey Kortunov is the president of the New Eurasia Foundation, a Mott grantee based in Moscow. Kortunov recently visited Mott’s Flint office and discussed New Eurasia’s work with Communications Officer Maggie I. Jaruzel.

Community School Development Program. Narrative Report.

The overarching goal of the Program was to develop community schools that promote the development of a new quality partnership between the schools and communities; mobilization of local people's efforts in meeting and solving problems of the communities; realization the concepts of community education and lifelong learning.

Practical Guide to Community Centers in South East Europe

In this Practical Guide you will find all the necessary information you will need when you want to open a community center—step-by-step instructions you should take into consideration when opening a new center, planning programs, fundraising, promoting your work, and involving partners and volunteers.

What is Community Education?

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